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How to clean a derma roller?

How to clean a derma roller?

To understand “How to clean a derma roller?” is an essential step in practicing microneedling at home. Derma rollers are used often in beauty spas, but lately they are available to use at home. This puts the responsibility of cleaning the beauty instrument in the hands of the user. Although, “How to clean a derma roller?” seems to be a practical question, many don’t know these facts.

First, it is important to clean your derma roller to avoid contaminating your skin. Second, the products used to clean the derma roller must be of good quality to ensure a proper cleaning process.

Further, by cleaning your derma roller you will save money and not replace the device after each use. There are people using the derma rollers from home one single time. Master the process of cleaning your derma roller by reading ahead the Tips and Tricks from Revisage.

Cleaning process for the derma roller

After using your derma roller, it is recommended that you immediately clean it. To make sure any skin particles, blood or dead skin are gone from the device, you can rinse the roller under warm water for a couple of seconds.

Your faucet should be on hot water and the head of the derma roller should be under the water while you turn it on each side.

First, this water cleansing process is just the start of the procedure. Second, there is a second step in the cleaning process. The best ingredient in cleaning the derma roller is hydrogen peroxide.

In a small ceramic dish, pour some hydrogen peroxide enough to cover the head of the derma roller. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to act by leaving the roller there for a couple of minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

How to clean a derma roller?

Where to store your derma roller?

It is not enough to know “How to clean a derma roller?”. You must also understand where to store it in clean conditions.

After cleaning the derma roller in hydrogen peroxide, remove it from your container and hold it under running water. This way you will clean the roller from the antiseptic substance.

Use a paper towel to allow the derma roller to completely dry. Paper towels are better than bath towels because they don’t risk getting between the needles.

After the roller is cleaned and dry consider storing it in a clean environment. Until the next time you use the derma roller, it must be protected from the external environment. It is recommended to store the roller in its protective container. This way the beauty product stays clean for the next skin care routine.

We hope this article answer the question “How to clean a derma roller?”. For any other FAQs regarding derma roller use, please contact us by email or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.


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